Inday in the city!!!

These past days have been really fun. My parents and my kid sister Inday Mao-mao is staying here in Manila with us for a vacation. I missed them so much! The last time they visited us here in Manila was 3 years ago, so we’ve been really busy going to places and buying things here and there – school supplies and uniforms, shoes for Inday; fish lures and other fishing accessories for father; mops and carpet and trays from Japan store for storage shelving for my mother. I need to buy some of those shelving trays for my apartment. It’s quite cheap and very useful. One for storing old shoes, another for old clothes and other stuff at home. Mother bought several so she can use them in her mini sari-sari store back in the province.

They’re staying here for 2 more weeks! Thank you God for every opportunity to be with my family.

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