B.O.B ft. Bruno-Nothin On You & Airplanes (Mashup & Cover by CLARA and JASON)

I loveee Youtube. There is not a day when I never visit the site. I go there to watch old movies and TV series. I go there to learn photography, photoshop, origami, cooking and many other things. I go there to watch funny Japanese pranks and end up laughing like there’s no tomorrow. I go there to watch amazing and inspiring videos that could help me ease my mood. And i go there to listen to my favorite mash ups and covers like this one from Jason Yang and Clara:

Super awesome, right? I envy their talents.  I wished I knew how to sing like that so I can upload my own cover too haha. I already have an HD camera, I just need novation synthesizers Musicians friend, a video editing software, someone who knows to play the piano/violin/guitar and I’m on my way to youtube stardom lols.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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One Response to B.O.B ft. Bruno-Nothin On You & Airplanes (Mashup & Cover by CLARA and JASON)

  1. toniiiii says:

    maleeeen! musta na? ako e2 maganda pa den haha… one day isang araw gumawa ako ng blog hahahahaahha i need your input and your say.. hihihihih http://www.laughandroll.wordpress.com
    ako ay natatawa kase parang walang kwenta mga pinagpopost ko hahahaha


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