America Voted for Another Boring WGWG, Team Jessica Sanchez All The Way!

I still can’t move on. I still feel bitter over PP’s winning. So not fair. Clearly, Jessica is more talented than him! Kaasar lang because another boring WGWG won. I want Jessica to win because she deserves it more than anyone else, and this is not me being biased speaking. Sa totoo lang naman talaga, Jessica is waaaaayyy better.

Did you see her duet with the great Jennifer Holiday? It’s over overrrr the top, dude! It was insane. I don’t know how else to explain the performance but it’s an amaziiiing treat to the audience. Si Jennifer Holiday parang halimaw lang, si Jessica, di papatalo! Their performance was the highlight of the show. Better than when they announced PP’s winning.

Haaay I am still frustrated. I followed this season’s AI from the beginning and have always rooted for Jessica. Anyway, to get that far – 1st runner up – is still ok. I hope for more great things to come her way.


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