A Walk To Remember

I love this Android phone! I can download lots of useful applications, games and free audiobook and ebooks. I can even download movies! Last weekend, I spent my all my time reading Nicholas Sparks’ novels. I am honestly not a fan of stories that often has tragic twists and sad endings so I didn’t like some of his writings, except A WALK TO REMEMBER. Maybe because I watched its movie adaptation first and surprisingly fell in love with it or rather, fell in love with the lead casts – Mandy Moore and Shane West. I love every bit of that movie – from the soundtrack to filming location etc. I read they shot the filming in North Carolina (check out Southport nc real estate if you’re planning to move in North Carolina). I like to live in that part of the USA. The weather seems nice and it looks very homey. I read Dawson’s Creek and Nights of Rhodante were both shot there.

Ok, back to AWTR, this novel is definitely on my Top 20 favorites of all time. I would have loved it if Jamie didn’t die but the story probably would be boring and wouldn’t have a nice ending at all.

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