Class Reunion Giveaways

Planning a class reunion require a tremendous amount of time and attention. There are a lot of things to plan ahead – budget, promotion, venue, catering etc.

Personally, the biggest challenge for me is the invitation and promotion. It takes more than just email invite or FB PM. You have to get their commitment and make sure they will come to show their support. My friend Lala, one of my co-admins, had to go through house-to-house to invite our batchmates.

2nd challenge is the budget. How much is the registration fee? Who will be the sponsors? How much money to allocate for food, giveaways and prizes?

Because we have very limited budget, some of us (admins), had to shell out money to help. I was the one in-charge of the giveaway and loot bags. 2 things I had to consider when choosing what to give away:

Something that is useful and affordable.

It has to be within my budget since I had to prepare 50 loot bags, so I went to 168 in Divisoria to get ideas. I walked and walked, inquired and weighed things carefully. There were a lot of items to choose from:

– personalized mugs
– picture frames
funny tee shirts
– slippers
– keychains

I ended up buying a pen and key holder. It’s useful and really affordable! We packed it in a brown paper bag with some candies and other stuff (pin, pencils and notebooks), it’s cute! I think they liked it. Well, I hope they liked it. Pictures will be posted later.

So when planning a reunion giveaway on a limited budget, my one advice to you is to go to Divisoria!

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