Gift Ideas for My Father

I barely noticed my father growing older. He’s still fit, and still capable to do a lot of things, but the last time I went home for a short visit in the barrio, he’s become thin and lines are clearly visible on both sides of his face.

Thank you God for blessing me a father who’s responsible and works hard at any thing. I am proud to say that he doesn’t smoke and drink alcohol. I haven’t seen him puff a cigar, not one time. And he is really kind and cool. I wish he’ll stay healthy for a long long time.

Other than clothes, I don’t remember giving my father any special gift, so this year, I am planning to spoil him, maybe not with flashy material things since he’s not into that, maybe he’d like gift baskets for dad which includes, shaving cream and razor, some tools etc. Or maybe a pair of Nike rubber shoes since he likes to play basketball. My father’s new hobby is fishing…so maybe a fish rod or fishing lures that he can use will make him really happy. He also loves pizza soo much! I still remember his delighted face when I treated him in Pizza Hut for the first time, he was really happy! So when there’s a chance, I’ll bring home 2 boxes of pizza when I go home.

Soo many gift ideas, but I know what he really really likes to receive from us but I’m not capable to give it yet, maybe in a few years time, so my prayer is for God to bless me in all aspects so I may become a blessing to my parents.

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