Stressed at work? Put indoor plants on your office table!

This is the indoor plant I got from Ruthie as a present a few months back. I forgot what it’s called, but it looks very much alike Aloe Vera plants. It sits on my office table, and serves as my stress absorber.

I really like this indoor plant because it’s super low maintenance – I only water it once a week and it does not need sunlight – it’s amazing how it can survive! Seriously, what kind of plants doesn’t need water and sunlight, right? Yet, it continues to grow, look, my plant now has 5 tiny stems on the sides, I need to transfer them in a bigger planter from so they can grow bigger.

Another thing that I like about having indoor plant is because they make my office table look more attractive, and they also provide a soothing effect. It must be the colors. When my eyes are already tired from staring at my computer for hours, I just take a look at my plant and it feels like 1/8 of my stress is gone.  🙂


Delivered by Madam Auring

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