What’s the best pet for a single woman?

I am seriously considering of getting a pet one of these days – either a bird, fish, cat or a dog. What do you think is the best pet for a single woman like me? Well, I really really like cute doggies…but I heard they’re a little expensive. Even it’s clothes, food, pet services,  and dog accessories are expensive. I would need lots and lots of petsmart coupons for that!

To give you a heads up, I don’t travel much but I spend quite a large amount of hours in the office. I don’t like pets sticking their tounges out, and wiping them on my face. During rest days, I like spending my days sleeping or watching movies in my room, alone. I want a low maintenance pet. I rarely cook food for myself, so I hope I don’t have to cook special meals for my pet. I don’t like hearing loud barks bec I get nervous easily with loud noises. I like a pet that doesn’t bite. I like the ones that behaves well. I don’t like my pet messing around the house.

It wil be very hard for me to pet a doggie, you think? I guess my only option is a fish or a bird, but I want my pet to be fluffy and cuddly…maybe it’s best if I’ll just get myself a dog plushie, no?


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