2012 Quarterly Review

Welcoming my first ever niece, Juliaaa! My brother is too excited to go home this summer, he probably bought lots of gifts for baby Julia already.

Lola passed away several days after Julia was born. Saaad.

Inday got a new toy – PSP, a gift from my brother – it has been her wish since she was 6, she’s now 10!

Short vacation last February with cousins and aunt.

Soooo happy for my cousin Mitchie. She is finally getting married this year! Congratulationssss! She asked me to help in planning for her big day, I said YESSSS of course, I’d love to do that! Excited!

Seriously, I need to stop visiting deal sites like ensogo and cashcashpinoy, I always end up wanting to buy things I can’t buy. So frustrating!!! Just a few weeks back, I bought a voucher worth 15,000P!!!

Puerto Galera trip cancelled.

Lastly, I lost 2 freaking lbs since I started going back to the gym 2 months ago!!! FAIL! LOL.

Perfect attendance from January – March! What an achievement! I am aiming for 1 year complete attendance this 2012. I still have 8 months, I can do this!!!

Hoping my next quarterly review will be so much better and exciting. See yah!


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2 Responses to 2012 Quarterly Review

  1. chuva says:

    Ditseeeeeeeeeeee!!! Congratulations to the new auntie!!!

    Tamihik ka yata? Sobrang busy ba teh?

    I’m planning on going home this Christmas… kitakits!!!

    • malen says:

      chuva chups chups!!!! how are you!? i am fine, yes busy busy! I wonder why nga eh parang hindi din naman hahahha

      napaka-agang abiso naman ditse haha, yessss, let’s meet on Christmas!

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