Looking for a nice and cheap place to stay overnight in Puerto Galera? Try HSL Beach Resort!

Planning to go to Puerto Galera this summer? Try HSL Beach Resort. We went there 3 years ago so I know it’s a nice place. Not the best out there pero if you’re looking for cheap accommodation in Puerto Galera, this place will do. Just to be clear, they’re not paying me to do this (although I think they should!)

Why I recommend this resort?

First, they offer very affordable room rates. When we went there last time, we rented 1 big room (6 adults, 1 kiddie, 2 dalagindings) with 2 beds all for 1500! That’s really cheap! If you’re just planning to stay overnight, you don’t need bonggang accommodation, unless you plan to just sleep and relax in your room, but if your purpose is to have fun with water activities all throughout your stay, this resort offer a good value for your money.

Here’s their current room rates:
1 room / good for 5 = 2500 overnight (aircon with TV)
1 room / good for 5 = 2000 overnight (non-aircon but with TV)

2nd, it’s beach front, babeh! You don’t need to walk very far, you can go swimming just right across your doorstep!

Here is the entrance to the resort. What I really really like most about this resort is that they’re not CROWDED. HSL Resort is on the far right side, a little far from the hustle and bustle of Puerto Galera – you know that part where almost everyone gather together to eat, dance and be merry. But it’s not very far and isolated, ok.

The front yard. This resort reminds me so much of my barrio! So nice to stay here, very relaxing.

Nipa and Lawanit rooms. I really like the atmosphere here, parang provincia talaga. Mahangin, malilim and tahimik.

It’s really different here compared to the other resorts, more relaxing and spacious!

There are several hammocks so you can relax better. During Holy Week, tents are allowed here.

Great for family outing since there’s huge space surrounding the area so kids can play.

There’s a CR, cabinet, TV and 2 big beds. There are shower/CRs outside also.

There’s also a kitchen area so you can cook your own food. Everything is Puerto Galera is so friggin expensive! A single meal is 150P. If you want to save a lot, buy bottled water and snacks before heading to PG. Buy your own San Mig light na din as they can get expensive there.

Good thing the market place is very accessible, so to keep everything in budget, cook your own dinner and breakfast! We had itlog na maalat with kamatis, sisig on a hotplate and seafood carbonara that night. Taray ng dinner namin hehe. You can borrow kaldero and kawali from the resort owner, for the gasul, I think you’ll have to pay 50P yata.

This is where we slept. No fluffy bed, comforter and definitely not the most comfortable experience but hey, beggars can’t be choosers, ok. In fairness, I had a good sleep that night.

Doesn’t matter where you’re staying – whether in a nice and expensive resort or something like this – what matters is you go with the nicest bunch of people around you. Wag magsama ng maarte so everyone will have fun!

For HSL Beach Resort reservation, contact Marie at 0916-2074858 (latest phone number as of March 2012).


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. i agree!this is a nice place to stay..we always stay here whenever we go to White Beach..thanks for the phone number..i can’t contact her anymore using Ate Marie’s number before..we are planning to stay here again..HSL is also suitable if you have kids with you because they can play in the front yard. There’s also a bar near which is not so crowded. The beach is also very near the resort..thanks again..

    1. hi len..they changed the management already – Villa Bienvenida Beach Resort

      check mo sa agoda or FB yun bagong contact details

      I like this place a lot too! Hindi crowded and very relaxing

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