What’s this Magnum All About?

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Now I know what the hype is all about. I didn’t know what Magnum is until last week! So it’s an ice cream bar, tastes somewhat like Tivoli (nyahaha that’s soooo vintage!) and it’s very expensive (55P in Mini Stop). YESSS!!! IT IS VERY EXPENSIVE!!! THIS IS PINAS AND BALI-BALIKTARIN MAN ANG MUNDO…THAT MAGNUM IS still VERRRRY EXPENSIVE. The argument is blah…if you compare the cost of living here and those that live in the first world countries, anlayo diba. For an average manggagawa like me, it is still expensive (it should be because it’s IMPORTED! lols). Oo kaya nga isang beses palang akong bumili nito.

Not bashing, I just think the comparison is irrelevant and pointless.


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