Say Hello to Julia!

Excited to go to the province this summer. My SIL gave birth to a cute baby girl last February, she’s a prematured baby, being born at 8 months only. This was what happened, SIL accidentally slipped on the bathroom floor but didn’t worry too much about it. 3 days passed and she thought everything is okay. When I found out that she slipped on the floor, I advised her to go to her doctor for a check up right away. So the next day, she went to see her doctor by herself for a check up….her doctor wanted to do the CS operation on that same day because her water level is beyond normal already. She was panicking(all of us, actually), her husband (my little brother) is working abroad and she had to go through all that by herself. She only got 10,000P in her pocket (CS operation if 50K – 80K) , no baby clothes yet, even got no name prepared because everything’s happening so fast, so I sent her the money right away, I suggested the baby name, I was telling her to relax and to stopĀ  panicking bec it’s making me nervous also. I was sooo stressed that day but I was glad to be of help. Thank you Lord SIL and my niece are both safe and healthy now. When I told my brother about it (he didn’t know his wife giving birth to their daughter until I told him a few days later) he was elated. He can’t wait to go back home this May. SIL posted some pictures via Facebook so we could see the baby. She is sooo cute! Wish we can do some sort of video conferencing so we can see her everyday, growing up fast. Can’t wait to hold you, baby Julia! I think, she’s going to be my favorite hehe, aside from the fact that she’s my first niece ever, come to think of it, I play a great role in saving her!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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