Experience Hot Spring in Pansol Laguna

My friends and I went to a Hot Spring Resort last month and oh boy was I shocked! I was so shocked to find out that this is what Hot Spring in Laguna looks like:

But that’s just a tiny swimming pool! LOL. I am sooo naive. All these years I was thinking of something else. I thought we’d go to a cave or a secluded area like a forest or mountain with a hot spring in it!

I am not used to swimming in a warm water so the experience was quite a surprise for me. I like it so much. I was wondering how the water got really warm, I thought they were using raypak heat pumps to warm it but that process might cost a lot of money. I didn’t realize the water was coming from the mountain.

I am definitely going back to Pansol to experience this again, but not any time soon. Summer is here and my next destination is Bora/Cebu/Bohol but due to schedule conflicts (and financial crisis lol), I might just go to Puerto Galera again.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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