Dreaming of Airplanes in the Nights Sky and Shooting Stars


Been dreaming about weird things lately. Mostly about riding a plane, landing/floating on the seawater (instead of a runway), stopover somewhere in Asia and heading to the USA! Last time, I was in Philadelphia, this time I was in Florida! The pilot was just wearing shorts with matching Hawaiian polo shirt , and he is…Steve Tyler! Friggin awesome hahaha!

After arriving in Florida, I went to a dorm-style house and met with some Filipinos (familiar faces, looks like some of them are my ex-officemates). I was too shy to get in so I just stayed at the doorstep, smiling and saying hi to everyone coming in and out LOL. I already forgot the rest…I might have woken up…not usre if I stayed the rest of the night in that dorm or if I went out to look for affordable hotels in orlando Florida.

I swear, I have dreamed about the same thing before…same concept but just different destinations. Could this mean my inner self is wishing to run away, move forward and settle abroad? I guess so. Let’s wait until September! Meantime, I’ll try to enjoy every minute and every second of every day.


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