Dinner at Sambokojin

Super late post here!

Had another dinner date at Sambokojin a few weeks back, with Ruthie and my dear friend Lizzie, who plays the Bass guitar like a pro! I love your bangs, Liz! Suits you well. Sayang, Aimz could not make it that day, we missed you! How are you doing? Hope we can see you soon.

I love these eat-all-you-can Yakiniku restaurants! I really like it that you can select and cook your own food right at the table. It’s fun! They’re also reasonably priced. Personally, I prefer Sambokojin, their yakiniku grilled meats and flavor are far better than Yakimix’s, but I must say that Yakimix’s California maki and sushis are the best! There’s another yakiniku restaurant in Eastwood but haven’t tried it yet. Maybe on the next payday! WAIT!!!! I almost forgot…I’m on a diet!


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  1. Lizz says:

    ay lab it len! super thanks!

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