Getting Back to the Gym

Spent 5 hours in the gym yesterday with Aila and Japox for a tremendous workout. I thought I was going to faint after doing the last dance class. I felt really really bad it’s like every particle of my body was going to explode. I took a shower and felt better…but soon as I came out, I was collapsing.

I wanted to ask for a medical assistant in the gym to look into my condition but I didn’t see anyone wearing a dickies scrubs so I thought maybe they don’t have any….besides I already lost all my energy to ask and walk so I just endured the pain until I got home. I don’t know what caused it but maybe lack of sleep and hunger (since I’m on a diet I only ate bread yesterday). I am never going to do that again – working out for more than 1 hour with an empy stomach and not having enough rest!

Today, my body aches all over…my thighs are hurting it’s so hard to walk. I haven’t gone to the gym for 3-4 years and have not done any workouts other than running and some simple exercises, my body is having a hard time to adapt. Hoping I’d get better on Tuesday. I’m determined to go back to t he gym, I just have to be extra careful now.


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