Old Manila Tour Itinerary

Toured Manila last Sunday, January 29, 2012 with some friends. Tiring but really awesome experience. I have lived almost all my life here Metro Manila but I haven’t gone to most places we visited.

Some places worth visiting:

Intramuros Walls
Plaza Roma
Manila Cathedral
San Agustin Church and Museum Complex
Casa Manila
Fort Santiago
Plaza Calderon dela Barca
Basilica de San Lorenzo Ruiz
Estero Fastfood at Chinatown
Ongpin Street (Traditional Chinatown Shops and Restaurants)

Pack light – bring only the essentials – money + cellphone + camera
Pair of sunglasses for that added appeal hahaaa
Comfortable shoes
Cotton shirts (bring extra shirt if you want)
Bimpo lolsssss
Extra memory card/battery

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