My Dream Life

Ynielle @ Casa Manila

I want to live a peaceful, healthy and happy life in the province someday (when I’m already retired).

I want to put up my own farm where I can plant mango trees and all sorts of vegetables. Have my own poultry and build my own composters to produce composts for my organic farm. I also want a zen-inspired garden, with fountain in the middle, where I can plant pretty flowers and make bonsai plants.  I want to live closer to nature, with fresh air and eat fresh fruits and vegetables all days of my life! I want to live in a simple house, it must be well ventilated, cozy and of course, has access to internet!

I have been living in Manila for quite too long and someday, I would want to live in the barrio where I can serve my God, my family and the people around me. Yooohooo!


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