I have 4 Elephants, 1 Porcupine, 1 Pegasus and 16 Horses in my Farm!

LOL yessss I have 4 elephants!!! Tons of sheep, 20 chickens, 4 ducks, 40 pigs and 20 cows. I even have a bear. Never in my life have I imagined to have these many pets in my life hahaha. Someone pls send me more pet gifts, I have yet to own my collection of giraffes and penguins.

Seriously, this game called Farmville is taking over my life. Everybody else I know have stopped playing this game since last year but I only started playing 5mos ago and since then, I have never stopped. I wake up earlier than my usual call time just to harvest. I sleep late to plow and seed my land. Haaay I need to get my life back! Maybe this addiction will stop if I plant real tomatoes in my mini backyard and get my own pet, no?


Delivered by Madam Auring

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