10 Things I Love About Samsung Galaxy Note

Finally, after 20++ years, I gave in and bought my first ever smartphone and I looovee it. It’s Galaxy Note, Babeeeeh!!! Brand spanking new!! I bought it last week with Ruthie. Thank you Ruth! Yesss, no remorse…for now. I hope I wont have any in the future hahahha.

Samsung Galaxy Note

And here are a few reasons whu I am loving it:

1. It’s super faaast! it’s even faster than my laptop LOL.
2. Its gigantic screen (5.3” display) makes everything easily readable
3. It’s huuuugeee but still very handy and it fits perfectly with my hands, it’s almost like we’re destined to be together LOL
4. Doesn’t look really awkward when you use it as a phone
5. It looks really stylish. Trust me, even if you’re just wearing a DASTER, you’d look 1000x times better with this phone lol
6. HD video baby! HD!!! I’m thinking of shooting a movie with this phone, you know.
7. S Memo and S Pen (aka stylus pen) so you can doodle whatever, whenever, wherever!
8. Super clear screen I can almost see your pores.
9. 8MP camera! Digicams today will become extinct tomorrow.

These are just 9 of the 10 things I love about my Samsung Galaxy Note phone. Will follow up with #10 when I’m done thinking about it LOL.

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