What an Awesome Serprise! Look What I Got For Christmas!!!

My new Samsung Galaxy SII

Look what I got from our kris kringle last Saturday…brand new and spanking Samsung Galaxy SII!!! I can go to heaven happy now. Really thank you!!!

Nyahahah, I wish! This is too good to be true! I only got the box, inside was a tiny envelope with some cash – bec that’s what I wrote in my wishlist, either cash (700P) or Samsung SII.

Anyway,  I was shouting and hyperventilating when I received it. I was really really excited. Everyone in the office knew how much I wanted to get this SII more than anything else. They were all watching as I unbox it then boom!!! Walang phone hahahha. Although at the back of my mind I knew already it wasn’t an SII, I still felt happy and excited. Never knew a box can get me so hyper hahahha. I knew it was Joseph who picked me. I saw it. Also, I had seen the gift prior to the party so I knew right away that he is giving me 700P.  I am such a spoiler, I know! That Friday, he told me someone’s asking daw if I am willing to pay the excess hahaha, I said, NO bec really, what I am demanding is too much for any one to bear. OMG this phone is at 31K selling price when our kris kringle is only about 700P.

Anyway, I appreciated the effort – the box and all. It would have been great kung totoo but it’s ok, I’ll get you soon, in one way or another, just wait!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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