Good News and Bad News

Here’s some very good news! My electric bill amazingly dropped about 1000P after we gave up the old fridge (it actually died on us a few weeks back).

Now the bad news, I don’t buy groceries anymore and cook as often as I want to. As a result, a lot of the food I eat is canned and instant noodles since they’re more convenient for my situation now.

Last week I devoured on various kinds of canned goods – tuna, corned beef, sausage – baked mac, lucky me noodles and other ramen.

I am now feeling the effects. I feel weaker. And since the food I ate have no fiber at all , I am also getting problems with my VM. I promised myself to live a healthy lifestyle now that I am older but I keep failing at it. Ahhh I don’t like this feeling. I get paranoid. I need to consult a doctor. Do you know anyone with Family or General Practitioner Jobs? I need a family doctor who can educate me about my health and lifestyle issues. I want to be healthier – physically, mentally, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually – so I can live longer.


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