How To Protect Yourself From Electronic Pickpockets

One of the many things I like about HK is their OCTOPUS CARD. It’s a small piece of card, ATM size, that you can use anywhere in HK – can be used on all forms of public transport (MTR trains, Airport Express, buses, Star Ferry, Peak Tram , as well as convenience stores, McDonald’s, KFC and many other stores).

There are no long lines and queeing anywhere in HK. I was totally impressed! It’ll be awesome if we can adapt that same system here in the Philippines. Imagine living in a cashless society. I really really like the idea. Convenient and efficient. The only prob I can see is issues of electronic pickpocketing may arise.

Octopus card uses RFID technology – same with credit cards and ATM cards, E-pass etc. These days, E-pickpockets can buy cheap RFID reader (similar to barcode scanners), sit next to you and steal your ATM cards and credit cards without you even knowing it. Ah, the downside of technology. While I agree that these advances can improve our lives, some of these inventions, could also be used to harm us.

There are also other forms of e-pickpocketing, esp in Paypal and email. Last year, I received a money request from someone I don’t know asking for 100$. I’m sure you also¬† have received a dozen emails telling you that you won $$$$$ and needs your bank info so they could send the money. So how to protect yourself from becoming the next victim of electronic pickpockets? Simple, just take extra care, manage your finances and use your common sense all the time.


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