Becoming Dutiful

I like it that women these days are independent, educated, well-traveled and more adventurous. Yes to women empowerment! The only problem is that some men can’t handle relationships when their girlfriends are smarter and probably earning more than they do. Most men likes it when women becomes dutiful and serves them, right? This is perhaps the reason why we see a lot of women right now staying single even when they reach 30s.

Are you a dutiful gf who likes to do stuff for your bf? Who never forgets to plan a surprise event for your boyfriend’s birthday ? Who cooks him breakfast, lunch and dinner, cleans his house, buys the grocery and does all the laundry? By golly, that is sooo 18th century! Sooner or later, you will grow tired doing all those stuff and will eventually decide to break up.

I think, another key for a long lasting relationship, aside from loving and respecting one another, is becoming dutiful of each other. I am capable of doing all crazy things for love, as long as my partner makes an effort to reciprocate, and by that, I don’t mean that he needs to wash my clothes too (well, he can always send them to laundry services, right?) or clean my apartment, but he could treat me to a nice dinner instead or send me flowers or send me to/from work, carry my bag, massage my back and feet, cheer me up with corny jokes, those tiny things that could sure melt one’s heart. He could also pay my house rent, credit card or buy me a smartphone and iPad to make me really really happy HAHAHA.

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