CarbTrim Iced Tea

I saw this commercial a few days back about a drink that helps block your carbo intake daw but totally forgot the name of the product. I was intrigued (if you watched the TV commercial, I’m sure you’ll be intrigued too), so I asked my friends but none of them knew about it. So for days, I keep waiting to see if I can catch it on TV. No luck.

Finally! After googling non-stop for 2 days, I found it. It’s called CarbTrim Iced Tea. Mukhang promising.

I am a riceyvore, pasta lover, bread maniac and potatorian (coined by toni p.). I feel that this is going to be my saviour! At bilang pala-patol na din sa mga bagay-bagay, I am going to try and drink this, pronto!

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  1. hello vahn, i bought 2 packs, pretty expensive. 150 per box, 6pcs only. it’s too sweet. konti lang lang yun powder but even if you put it on a big glass, matamis pa din, it’s like drinking red leaf ice tea apple flavor. masarap pag chilled.

    effect? i have yet to see it. pero parang lalo akong ginanahan mag rice haha maybe bec at the back of my mind…i keep thinking it’s ok lang to eat rice and pasta since I can always drink carbtrim and shed off 66% of my carb intake. so maybe it’s not effective for me lol, but try it and see for yourself.

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