Dress for a Cocktail Event

I am having a hard time finding the perfect cocktail dress for year end’s party. I need a new cocktail dress, something suitable for a semi-formal occasion, preferably black, not too flashy, above-the-knee length, plus size dress and most importantly, something not expensive! Help! I don’t want to buy from malls since they really cost a lot besides, I’m quite busy these days and  it’s not really easy to find my size. 2 years ago, me and some friends tried to get made-to-order gowns from Divisoria but failed at it. The gowns weren’t done on time, looks like he really rushed doing them, they turned out ugly! Another option is to order online, quite easy and there are a lot of gowns to choose from,  only problem  is that I might end up paying thousands for the shipping alone. Haaay, if you know some good designers within QC you can refer, PM me pls. Thanks!

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  1. yvette says:

    hi malen,

    sa new wing ng 168, madami dress na magaganda.. mukhang sosi pero around 300 to 500 price ng dress… :)

    • malen says:

      wowwwww thanks yvette! super mura nun. i haven’t been to 168 for years now, baka maligaw na ako, but i’ll check that place when i have time. many many many thaaaankksss and congrats on your wedding!

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