Halloween Trick or Treat Costume Ideas For Kids

So what cool costume do you like for your kids to wear this Halloween?

How about this super cute baby troll costume?

I want this adorable looking baby troll. Sooo cute, I actually got flustered when I saw him the first time, his tiny frame made him all the more shocking than he already was, but among all the kids who came to the office, he was my favorite! I’m liking this concept. Aint he the cutest? So cute I want to put him on display.

How about this zombie that never goes out of style? This costume might be DIY and it actually looks rather easy to make, props to the parents for being creative!

And here’s another cutie in a pirates costume.

There are hundreds of costume ideas but if you want something simple and not scary for your kids, try a policeman, fireman, soldier or equestrian costume set (complete with equestrian helmets).

OMG Shinchan came to life and walked to my workplace!!! Super adorable I want to pinch those chubby cheeks!

And the most popular trick or treat costume for little girls – Tinkerbell! You’ll never go wrong with this costume. All you need is a nice fluffy gown,  a tiara, wand and wings and you’re good to go!

Trick or Treat is one of those events that I always anticipate in the office. Loveee seeing these adorable kids in costume having fun from all the goodies they get. They all look so cute and happy.

Photocredits: joseph/daiji


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