Happiness and Energy

Starting today, I am going to:

- eat on time (no eating after 6pm)
- eat less carbo (stop myself from being a riceyvore)
- eat slowly
- eat portions of fruits and veggies (esp. camote, broccolli and carrots – the healthiest food in this world)
- reduce salt/sugar intake (so no more adobo? waaaah)
- drink lots of water
- take Vit C and Iron
- walk 10000 steps a day (stresssssssss!)
- stop sitting around too long
- get enough sleep, 7-8 hours (everyday, i keep telling myself to sleep early, so I wont have any problems waking up next morning, but when night comes, i always fail and end up sleeping very late instead)
- take a short nap during the day (this is rather easy for me hehe i do this all the time!)
- lastly, think about happy happy happy thoughts (like rainbows and unicorns lol)

Yeay for trying to live a healthy lifestyle!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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I am fine. Thank you!
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