Summer 2012 Come Faster!!!

Summer is my most favorite season of the year, that’s because I spend almost half of my available VLs during that time. Arghh, I can’t wait for summer to come so I can go home!

Some areas of my province are still unexplored. There are rivers, forests, hidden waterfalls and caves that are yet to be discovered. Last summer, my bros and I, along with some cousins, planned to visit those places. I wanted so much to do it but my 2 bros couldn’t come home on time, due to prior engagements, so I mostly spent my time at home sleeping, watching movies, playing with Inday and sometimes, going to the beach to enjoy the sea.

Hoping we could still do it next year. It’d be awesome if we could drive an RV motorhome (those huge cars that has a built-in toilet, shower, bed, complete with a refrigerator, TV etc.) then spend a night or 2 in an isolated place. Must be fun and exciting! Ahh when I get rich, I am surely going to buy a motorhome (along with a motorhome insurance) and travel many places!


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