How Do You Cope Up With Stress

We all face various stresses in life and while others find easy ways to deal with it, others suffer a great deal handling them, some even resort to bad vices like smoking and drug abuse to cope up, and when the latter happens, tragic follows.

Misuse of drugs, regardless if prescribed or not, is very dangerous. Just look at Michael Jackson’s case, Heath Ledger, Anna Nicole Smith, Judy Garland and even Elvis Presley – all these popular celebs died a tragic death because of drug misuse and/or overdose. I don’t understand how they’ve become victims of
prescription drug abuse addiction when they seem to have every good things in life – fame, career, money etc. I guess because rich and more successful people have more stresses and pressures in life, and they aren’t exactly happier than us.

So what do you do when under stress and great pressure? Share you thoughts!

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