A Few Of My Favorite Things

Yeay! Here’s the list of a few of my favorite things for this year!

Favorite past time: watching Running Man re-runs
Favorite emoticon: ^.^ haha
Favorite Merienda: Camote Q
Favorite Coffee: Mocha coffee from the vending machine
Favorite Zagu flavor: Pearl Milk Shake
Favorite Nail Polish Color: Royal Blue
Favorite Lip Gloss: Nivea Fruity Shine (pomegranate flavor)
Favorite moisturizer: Ponds Night Cream / Ponds Day Cream
Favorite Juice: Pulpy Orange and Real Leaf Apple
Favorite watch: Suunto
Favorite Games: Super Breakout cellphone game and wii games
Favorite Corny Line: “every particle of my body is loving you” awwwwww
Favorite Crackers: Rebisco whole wheat cracker
Favorite Past Time: Youtube
Favorite FB Game: Farmville
Favorite Ulam: Adobo with lots of sibuyas and camote
Favorite Google Apps: Google Reader
Favorite dessert: McDo apple pie and Jollibee Peach Mango Pie
Favorite Quickly: Super taro ice with pudding
Favorite Happy Lemon: Green tea with cheese and salt
Favorite Lotion: Vaseline
Favorite shampoo: Vaseline
Favorite Cologne: Bath and Body
Favorite Burger: Angel’s burger buy 1 take 1 haha
Favorite hotdog: Beefies
Favorite canned goods: Century Tuna, solid in vegetable oil
Favorite clothing brand: Babo and Copacabana
Favorite running shoes: Reebok
Favorite vegetable: bitsuelas / baguio beans
Favorite chinese food: SQUID BALL
Favorite expression: Yeay!


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  1. Lizz says:

    Dropping by to say HI!.. miss you… =)

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