Why I Love My Cubao Neighborhood

It hasn’t been long since I moved to Cubao and oh boyyyy I am loving it! I was hesitant to relocate first because I have lived many years of my life in a semi-rural area of Valenzuela City and my attachment to it is like how trees are rooted down its soil – cannot be removed easily- – besides CUBAO is notorious for things like snatchers and pickpockets, diba? Ok, Valenzuela is part of Metro Manila but the small barrio where I lived, isang kandirit na lang Bulacan na so very laid  back ang lifestyle doon, not very provincial but I had neighbors living in bahay kubos, and my younger days were spent playing in green green grass of home LOL and catching snails in the pond and climbing aratilis trees. If I remember it right, my first SM mall visit and first try at McDo was when I was in HS already hahaha. In short, I am not City girl at all.

But things changed. Living in Cubao is not at all bad. I love the neighborhood where I live right now – very quiet, hinde binabaha, with lots of trees and it’s walking distance to many malls, araneta coliseum, grocery stores, places of gimikans, farmer’s market. It’s also very near Camp Crame where you can jog/ride a bike It is super accessible to all points of Luzon!

Best of all, it’s just a ride away from my workplace.

My only problem is the expensive house rental I pay every month which is 3x almost bigger than what I pay from my previous apartment. Sakit sa bulsa, but if you think about it, I spend less money now for transpo and I am also spared from traffic everyday so it’s all good.

I love you Cubao, I wanna marry you! I don’t like to give up on you yet, but it looks like I maybe moving back to Valenzuela in the coming days/weeks/months/years, I don’t know yet. Bahala na si Batman.


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