The Inspiring Cinderella Story of Master Chef Pablo “Boy” Logro

I love watching cooking shows even when I was very young. Back in the days, I was a huge big fan of Wok With Yan and I never fail to catch it on afternoons. These days, I love watching Junior Master Chef, Everyday Italian, Barefoot Contessa, Iron Chef, Oliver’s Twist and almost all cooking shows in Asian Food Channel!

I watched JMC last night and can’t help but be amazed at those kids cooking like a pro. Wow! I didn’teven know how to fry an egg until I was 13! Haha. And because I am now 30 something, I’m trying to learn to cook different dishes – mostly pachams. I don’t dream of becoming a chef at all but I wanna learn how to prepare gourmet dishes, at least. I want to learn baking too!

My fave Filipino chef has got to be Chef Pablo “Boy” Logro. I remember watching him on QTV11, he’s very engaging to watch, too hilarious, plus he’s got a very inspiring story to tell. If I can afford it, I’d go to his culinary school in Cavite. Who knows, this might be my calling! Why not? Besides, culinary careers – such as chefs and Food Service Manager Jobs – are very in demand nowadays. But then, mypachams aren’t really that tasty to begin with so maybe NOT. Anyway, here’s an excerpt of his very inspring story, read and learn!

Chef Boy started as a houseboy in a Chinese Restaurant in downtown Quiapo at age 13. After cleaning the house, he would go down to the restaurant and help out in the kitchen, kneading dough’s for siopao and assisting the chef cook lechon kawali.

He then started working in different restaurants. His life made a complete turnaround in 1982 when he left the country to work as sous chef at Sultan Qabass Bin Said’s Palace in Oman. He tried to get along well with the Egyptian Chefs, learned to speak Arabic, and took his job seriously. He made an impression on the Sultan, who grew very fond of him and thus appointed him as head chef. He accompanied His Majesty on International trips, where he was exposed to Spanish, French, English and Turkish gastronomy. After eight years he came back to the Philippines. He joined Manila Diamond Hotel in 1992 as one of the sous chefs. Promotion came in his way and in 1995, he earned the distinction of becoming the first and only Filipino Executive Chef in a five-star deluxe hotel in the Philippines.

Now, he realized his full potential as a Chef Instructor and mentor to students of his unique culinary school. He established the Chef Logro’s Institute of Culinary And Kitchen Services, which has attracted a local, regional, national and international following. The School is located in Gen. Mariano Alvarez, Cavite Philippines.


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