(Movie Review) Zombadings 1: Patayin Sa Shokot Si Remington

this is Jadie, our smoking zombabel in boots and fierce hairdo.

This film is a winner!

I was invited to watch this movie last night at a free screening organized by Geiser Maclang. I got really excited because I was already planning to watch this with my friends, so as soon as I got the invite, I emailed/texted/called the organizer to plead ask if I can bring my friends to the screening (they are bloggers too!). Glad they okayed with it. We got there very early because we’re all uber excited.

Ok, one word to describe this film – HILARIOUS. I haven’t laughed sooo much and soo long and sooo hard in one day and this film made me do all that and more. Really hilarious from start to end. Ibang level talaga ang tawa ko. I was cracking up, laughing and very much in the moment of superb happiness, heck I even stomped on the floor a countless times because every scene was making everything inside me soo hyper!

This is the storyline:
The young Remington (6yo) is a living gay-dar and he bullies every bakla he sees/detects. One day, young Remington encountered Roderick Paulate in a cemetery, angered by the boy’s bullying, he let out a curse to him – “magiging bakla ka pag-laki mo!!!”….15 years later, Remington started to show signs of being a jokla – the curse! During this time, every bakla in town gets killed by a mysterious killer. Afraid that he’ll be the next victim, they searched for Roderick’s whereabouts to know how they can break the curse. Nakakatawa because they were calling out the spirits – who looked like macho dancers – in gayspeak. To end the curse,  someone has to be willing to trade places with him (become gay and all) so he could go back to being his old self. This whole chaos was brought to you by some magical flying red scarf/shawl who has this awesome ability to put itself around the moon hahaha whatever! Now this is where the thrilling part comes. NOT. The zombadings, who rather looked funny than scary, rose from the grave to eat the humans alive. Remington and Dad switched places and the attack of the zombadings ended just like that.

Hahahaha if you think about it, parang it made no sense at all lol


The provincial setting is perfect!  I know that gays in the barrio suffer a far greater deal of discrimnation, teasing and mockery than those in Manila (this is the case at least in my barrio), so choosing Quezon as the lcoation set was very fitting. Also, the colors and/or cinematography has this 80’s feel to it which I really really like because it reminds me so much of my childhood days in the semi-rural area of Velenzuela many years ago. Being a lover of history and culture myself, I appreciate the showcasing of old houses and the featuring of Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon.

Even their choice of background music is perfect – it’s very bubbly.

The casting was superb! My favorite characters are Martin Escudero, Jigs (Kerbie Zamora), Georgia and Mimi aka Angelina Kanapi.

Martin Escudero – I only have praises for this young man. He did not disappoint. Bongalore India ang acting nya talaga. He even choreographed his dancing in one scene. Who knew he could fit perfect for this role? Havey na havey talaga. He can make various expressions with his face, he isn’t the handsomest guy in showbiz but you can’t deny that this guy’s got appeal. That kind of “adorable” appeal that makes you giddy (hahaha tween hearts?). He is skinny-muscular and sooo sexy wearing skinny jeans, baby tees and racerback sando!

Even those with supporting roles did a great job!

Jigs aka Kerbie Zamora was another revelation. Achieve na achieve ang pagiging tricycle driver haha (not everybody can do that you know). There’s one  scene where he had to aggresively…whatever! Just watch it, extremely funny!

Angelina Kanapi aka Mimi the sidekick policewoman. Superb acting by Mimi! Dig na dig ko ang character nya. She was being silly and useless I was cracking up the whole time she’s shown because I knew I had acted like that in the past too – being cutey lol – seriously, she’s got a natural talent in performing and entertaining. When she lined up wearing just red undies along with other guys – OMG I know I could do that too for Remington hahaha jokes!

The ending part when Mimi (we assumed that was Mimi) was doing the final voice over about how being born GAY/BAKLA was respected in the old times, and it isn’t something to be ashamed of, was so new to me and I think that’s kinda smart because I understood perfectly what she wanted to leave the viewers.

Eugene Domingo talaga is one of my favorite actresses ever. Erase that, SHE IS MY FAVORITE ACTRESS! Walang effort. She can just stand there doing nothing (in this film, she was mostly….SKATING hahaha) and you’ll be amazed at her acting skills. She wont be the best actress for nothing!  SHE REALLY IS THE BEST ACTRESS FOR NOTHING!  Walang wala! Her presence is like “magic sarap” in every meal,  pampasarap!

Odette Khan as the mayor is hilarious. I honestly think her role is irrelevant, I mean the movie could withstand without her but infairness, I think it was necessary to add her because well she is Odette Khan and she does so well in portraying his/her role. Whatever hahaha

And ohhh Georgia!!! I can’t even. You are too funny!

Galing-galing ng casts! These artists will be in my book of BEST OF THE BESTS.

The gayspeak, gaylingo, bekimon, swardspeak whatever you call it is quite amusing. Toileley!!! Don’t worry because there’s a subtitle. WIN!

Yes, singular because very minor lang ang flaw nya for me. Everything was perfect up until the last part. Yun transition from one scene to another was not executed perfectly.

This movie reminds me  (again) to stop bullying Japokpok as Badingding hahaha (FYI: Japokpok is a friend that I bully almost everyday because “it” enjoys it LOLSSS)

All in all, I am satisfied with this film. Rating 10.5/10 (10 being the highest) yohooo bola! I hope our film industry could continue making more films like this. There’s more to it than just being gay and funny. It has a wonderful message and people saying this is an anti-gay film misses the point completely. It really isn’t. It tackles the issues of hate crimes against LGBTs, embracing and celebratiing one’s sexuality, respect for all mankind, fighting your own shokots and the willingness to change…all of which are wittingly conveyed to the viewers.

Everyone (straight, gays, bi, girl, boy, young and old), watch it! Tag your friends along and I tell you, you’ll surely have lots of fun.

Wow,  this seems like the longest movie review I made in all my years of reviewing movies. WTH so redundant hahaha anyway, thank you for reading.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. hehehe napnood ko din to advance screening sa SM Rosales August 29, 2011. Beat that Malen … lolz!

    Points :
    1. most of the time late na ako kung tumawa kasi im trying to translate pa yung mga dialogue nila sa normal.
    2. Thanks at may sub-title.
    3. Eugene Domingo & Roderick Paulate – they’ve done very well sa movie
    4. Marian Rivera – so..so..acting … but a im still a Fan lolz…adik lang.,
    5. Overall it was a good movie — very light but then again I guess may target auidence pa rin siya ( yun yun!).

    1. serrrrr!!! we miss you!!!

      yes yes i agree…roderick and eugene are both hilarious…natural talent, walang effort magpatawa.

      regarding marian, no comment bec i am not a fan hahhahah

      thanks for commenting sir goro!!! bumalik ka kaya sa office? lol

  2. Super agreeeeeeee, ang galing galing ni Mart Escudero. Ably supported by the cast, the movie was never boring and funny all the way. Mart should be given good roles because he can really handle any roles, very fine acting. Hats off to Martin Escudero!!!!

  3. Una kong nakita to sa trailer nang R. of Planet of the Apes. Natawa ako sa trailer kahit halatang Pinoy movie talaga. Anyway, pinanuod ko ulet yung trailer sa youtube. At natawa pa din ako. At gusto ko mapanuod to sa sine kase ang ganda nang mga sinasabi sa comments. At eto ung napansin ko:

    The first 15 minutes, okay sya. Parang naalala ko yung Tanging Ina na movie. Pero, bigla nalang naging boring. Ang mga character hinde na develop. Tsaka ang pinaka napuna ko ay…WALA ITONG ORIGINALITY! RIP OFF TO sa hollywood movie na DRAG ME TO HELL. Pati score, pati yung ibang humour, yung gross na hinde naman nagaya. Yung lumilipad na shawl ba yun. Yung scene na tumatawag sila nang esperito. RIP OFFFFF!!! i was disappointed!

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