Make Money Through Facebook’s Farmville Game

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In case you don’t know, FarmVille is a fun game in facebook where you can plow, plant and harvest crops, you can also buy buildings, decorations and various animals to grow your farm. The main idea is to earn lots of money by planting (fruits, seeds, veggies, trees and pretty flowers) and acquiring various types of animals (even penguins and elephants too hahaha) – each of these have different selling price and time to harvest.

I have resisted the temptation of playing this game for the longest time, because I know that they can be very addicting, but looks like there’s no stopping me now. I am a little late for saying this but I am crazy about Farmville!!! My thoughts are filled with FV even when I’m at work LOL. Right after a stressful day at work, I go home and plant like there’s no tomorrow hahaha! It’s crazy how those trees make me really happy. Really.

What’s more fun about FarmVille is that you can create cool designs in your farm. This is the part which I am very excited about. I want to build a not-so-big farm someday where I can plant organic vegetable, pretty flowers, mango and lanzones trees. Playing this game is making me live that dream.

To date, I am now on level 26 with 250K. Argh! How I wish those money can be converted to cash! I hope for the day when one can make money thru Farmville! I know that you make money from playing at online casinos, yes it is possible, there are lots of casino gaming sites offering different money opprotunities. If you want to try your luck at winning slots, check out detailed reviews at onlinecasinoproject, who knows, you could walk away with the jackpot prize!

How would you like it if Zynga could turn FV into a money making game portal? I like the idea! It’ll be very very cool if I could encash my 250K LOLs.


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