Why Is Everybody Getting Married These Days?

Claire and Dave Ang, November 2010

Toni got married last year, after about one year into a relationship. A few months later, Claire and Ms. Ae followed. Last June, my youngest brother shocked me with the news that he’s also getting married the following month. Just recently, my churchmates Trel and Kuya Errol shocked me with the news that they’re dating. A week after they’re engaged! Last week, I received an invite from Joyjoy and Delfin for their coming wedding celebration! Whaaaat? I don’t even know that they’re officially dating. And there’s Joanne and Jeff tying the knot too, ASAP. Last weekend, travel buddy Jadie announced her engagement to Errol via Facebook! I’ve also heard about wedding plans from my family – Alia (aunt), Ate (sister), Mitchie (cousin) and Samarie (another cousin). Even my BFFs Mimi, Amy and Ruthie has been talking about “marriage” these past days as well.

What in the world is happening? It ‘s like every other girl I know is engaged and I’m not. Gaaahhhd, I am seriously going to turn darkest green with envy hahaha. This world is sooooo cruel LOL. Too many shocking but pleasant news!!! One day, l’ll send you guys a photo card with the birth announcements of my twins and give you the biggest surprise of your life! That would be really awesomeeeee!

Congrats and best wishes. I am happy for you guys, even if there are tiny little seeds of jealousy and/or bitterness inside my heart LOL. Stay in loveeee!


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  1. LOL. I guess when people reach a certain age, they just feel like getting married. Most of my classmates in college are getting married. Pero siempre nauna ako sa kanila. Hahaha! Mine was a secret wedding so sila ang na-shock. But I was surprised to see that I wasn’t the only one who was thinking about getting married. A year after my marriage, sunod sunod na ang kasalan sa amin. Ngayon naman, hindi lang kasalan. Madami na din kaming magkakababy. Haaaay. I never thought that I would tie the knot and become a mom this early. But I have no regrets. 🙂

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