Sony Laptop Battery Life Span

Looks like I need a new battery for my laptop. I’ve used it almost everyday, for at least 5hrs/day, since 2008 (told yah I am married to it), now I can only use it for 15mins. It can’t be helped. Batteries (like vtech batteries) are meant to lose charge after a period of time. Should have taken extra extra care. I thought it was best to just keep it inside.

I read somewhere that this is how you can prolong battery lifespan:

– discharge it first before removing it from your laptop and then store it in a cool dry place

– use the battery only when necessary, otherwise use the power adapter

I inquired at Sony Centre (Gateway branch) last week, they cost pretty much around 5K-10K! Oh noooo! Too expensive! Good thing I don’t bring it anywhere else, I’ll have to keep using the power adapter until I have enough funds to get a new battery.


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  1. There are many tips you can follow to help prolong battery life for your new Sony laptop battery, once you DO manage to get one 🙂 One of the major tips is to discharge it regularly – meaning, give it a full charge, then use up the battery completely until it dies. This is called a “cycle” and its usually best to cycle your batteries at least once or twice a month.

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