My Cheap TCL TV Does Not Turn On, I’m About To Throw It Out Of The Window!!!

This is the 2nd time it happened, so annoying! It just stays standby (blue light on), there’s no sound and picture. I had to keep pressing the power button until it decides to turn on by itself. We had it repaired a few months back for the same issue. I’m guessing this is a common problem since kuya knew exactly what went wrong the first time we brought it in a service center.

I don’t want to have it repaired anymore, too expensive. I could buy a new one with the amount of money I will spend for repairs. Right now, I just want to throw it out of the window! TCL TVs are quite cheap but their life span is only up to 5 years. Not worth it.

I want a new TV for my living room! And a home theater system 5.1 and a Bluray player too. Been thinking if I should get one of those LED TVs on sale I saw at SM. Wait! I’m saving cash for the future so a new colored TV (that turns on without problems and fits on my TV rack) would be nice for now.

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