A Short Trip To Sonya’s Garden Bed and Breakfast

One of the places you must visit should you go to Tagaytay is Sonya’s Garden.

A few weeks back, I had a chance to visit the place and bygolly wow, I was impressed. Hehe not really super surprise but I loved it there. It was a short trip (we stayed there for 15-30mins only) we didn’t get a chance to tour around so I can’t say much about the place. One thing I can assure you is, if you adore country living, this place is definitely for you! I’ve always thought I am a provinciana country girl by heart so yeah, even if we stayed there for just a brief moment, I felt the connection haha and enjoyed it. I really liked the ambience. The wet weather also made the tour more fun for me.

Here is the pathway to the gardens and other facilities, I supposed. Sayang. Maybe next time when there’s another chance, we could spend a night here. I really would like to try their healthy eat-all-you-can dining.

We were only able to get to the Panaderia which is just a few steps away from the parking lot. Ahhh it’s nice to walk inside the store with the aroma of freshly baked bread. Kakagutom.

Ate baking goodies. They’re not pugon made, sorry. Oven baked goodies but nonetheless, masarap pa din naman. You must never miss their SPANISH BREAD. It’s a bit pricey but OMG sa sarap and they’re quite heavy too so yeah, sulit naman. 110P or 120P yata for 10pcs. I should have bought 3 packs had I known how yummy they were! Forget everything else except the Spanish Bread!

90P choco cookies. For me, nothing beats Fibisco choco chips cookies!!!

This Cheese hopia is equally good too! Really. Another must buy pasalubong from Sonya’s bakery. Again, it’s pricey! Actually, everything they sell is a bit pricey! May halo yatang ginto yung harina nila LOLs.

Leeks (garlic chives or kutsay) hopia which tastes like Bossing’s hopia, I presume. I only bought 2 of the best selling products because again they’re…super pricey!

See, oven baked not pugon. Do you know that pugon-baked goodies are 4times better than oven-baked? Well, that’s actually just my opinion…and now you know it LOL. But really, pugon baked smells better!

Our guest sitting prettily while Japox was shamelessly trying to taste each and every bread they serve HAHAHA (they have free taste test inside to help you decide which one to bring home)

This is I think, Sonya’s trademark. You’ll know right away it’s Sonya’s Garden once you see this nice princess bed whatever. One must not forget to take pictures here – sitting, lying down or doing random cute poses – to earn your bragging rights. For best results, take a picture with your loved ones – cuddling and kissing allowed. Kaso, malamok tsaka andaming antik dyan.

To the SPA! You bet, it’s pricey! Well, I can get cheaper deal via Ensogo or other cheap deal sites so I wont probably try this one.

This zen inspired fountain sort of provide a very calming ambience.

To the secret room!

Sharing this picture because I thought those petals looked gorgeous!!! HAHHAHA

Can you guess where this is? Yessss, inside the comfort room!

Looks classy! I can actually imagine Maria Clara coming out from that CR.

Coolest bathroom ever. Really! Very vintage but very prone to anay.

Quite obvious why they’re called mickey mouse plant, right? I wanted to bring them home except that I don’t have any use for them but they look really cute, no? Its color reminds me of Chesa, the fruit that tastes like PUTO SECO LOL. Serprise serprise! This plant belongs to eggplant family (i knew it!). I wonder if you can torta them as well?

Sonya’s garden offer spa services, eat all you can dining, bed and breakfast etc. It also an ideal venue for intimate wedding and a nice haven for lovers (even for friends) who wish to spend a relaxing day in a refreshing atmosphere! Definitely coming back when I have more time, budget and car!

How To Get There By Commute:

– If coming from Manila, ride a San Agustin bus bound to NASUGBU, politely ask kuya to drop you off at Buck Estate Subd., from there ride a tricycle to Sonya’s Garden.
– If coming from Tagaytay City/Rotonda, take a jeepney ride to Buck Estate then ride a tricycle headed to Sonya’s.

Here’s a complete Tagaytay Itinerary for your perusal. Enjoy!

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