It’s High Time Our Government Websites Should Start To Load Faster and Become User Friendly

Hallelujah for the internet! Our government should utilize this technology to provide wider range of information resources and services for everyone.

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Seriously, in my life of 30+ years, I do not know exactly how this whole TESDA operates. Is it free? Is it for everyone? Ano ba yang TESDA Accredited Schools, TESDA Training Centers, TESDA School in Taguig etc. Seriously, confusing!I just recently found out that TESDA accepts EVERYONE who wish to acquire skills. Yes, everyone. Wala naman kayang nagsabi sa ‘kin nyan. And I’m sure, there are a lot of people who don’t realize how they can benefit from TESDA because of the same reason – awareness.

So I decided to check their site to know more info.

What the heck! I spent hours browsing the website but didn’t find what I was looking for. I clicked and clicked, waited, even downloaded a useless excel file (which took a while), clicked, waited and read some more pages until I finally pulled my hair out of frustration and gave up.

1st, JARGON. JARGON. JARGONNNN! The site should have used terms and directions appropriate for all the visitors’ level of understanding. Seriously, how many people – who understands/speaks/writes/breathes highfalutin English words – visit TESDA? How many, aber? It should be on a level where everyone – even grade school and high school dropouts – can understand easily.

2nd, there are too many (or too less) information. Hello, I don’t have a whole day to spend reading invaluable info on the site. People who visit will most likely want to find out:

– the available training/courses offered
– the training fees
– how to avail the scholarship
– the schedules
– where/when/how to enroll

All these info should be easily available on the main page. Yes, MAIN PAGE. Mantakin mo, it took me hours to find what I was looking for, and guess what, I found it on a different site pa!

3rd, ang liit ng text size that they become too difficult to read and the font itself is ugly (oh yeah, maarti kase ako haha)

4th, super slow loading speed! The site should provide easy access to information. Hello again, I don’t have a whole day to spend browsing the site.

In short, make it USER-FRIENDLY and FAST LOADING so everybody will be happy.

I could not for the life of me understand why it has to be difficult!!? My gaaahhhd. Ang gusto ko lang naman matutong manahi! LOL


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