Eugene Domingo in Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank (Review)

JM de Guzman, Kean Cipriano, Carizza Cortez, Cherry Pie Picache and Eugene Domingo

This is the 1st Indie film I watched and it isn’t so bad.

The story is pretty simple: all about making an indie film – from brainstorming, planning, casting etc. It is a satirical approach to what actually is happening in our Indie industry – how every film makers aim to get international recognition by showcasing our dysfunctional society.

What I Like:
– EUGENE DOMINGO – my only reason for watching this film. She was/is/will be hilarious! Galing-galing umarte.
– Kimi Dora Mansion – so that’s why I thought I’ve seen that house somewhere
– Surpsisingly, the actors did great! Including the extras. Parang acting na wala lang.
– Kean Cipriano – oh gaaahdd, is he good looking!
– The director parody was too funny.
– Since this is my 1st Indie film, medyo shock ako kase, sabi nga ni Ruthie, “very appreciative ang mga audience”. They have great appreciation for the humor which is good. Talagang resonating off the walls ang mga tawa and palakpakan.
– It’s a breath of fresh air.
– Nice choice on movie title. I was hoping that the story will evolve around the septic tank haha. I guess this is just them telling the world that every Indie artist will do anything nasty for the sake of Art.

What I Don’t Like:
– Medyo nahilo ako, I guess because sabi nga sa movie na ‘to “the shakier the indie film is, the better”
– There were several instances when I question why the audience were laughing hahahha (hindi ko na-get? LOL)

All in all, Babae sa Septic Tank is a likeable movie (hello, they have Eugene Domingo in it, what’s not to like about her?). If you’re one big Indie Film fan, an aspiring film maker,a Kean Cipriano fangirl and a Eugene Domingo fan, this movie is for you! Relate na relate. It’s a smart film, definitely worth your 150P. But for ordinary movie goers like myself (who likes happy ending, chick flicks, adventure, action packed and intelligent movies) this is a little too less and a little to much for me, I’d give it 7/10.

Honors for this film:

Cinemalaya 2011 Award (New Breed Full-Length): Best Film
Cinemalaya 2011 Award (New Breed Full-Length): Best Director Marlon Rivera
Cinemalaya 2011 Award (New Breed Full-Length): Best Actress Eugene Domingo
Cinemalaya 2011 Award (New Breed Full-Length): Best Screenplay Chris Martinez

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  1. Very nice review. Hope you can watch more indie films, since you said this is your first. Perhaps you question some audience’s laughter because some jokes were about indie films in general.

  2. hi there, san ko ba to mapapanood? di ako makapanood sa sinehan. may mga links ba kau kung san ko pede mapanood to online? tnx.

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