1 Night and 2 days in Tagaytay (Itinerary)

Yehey! We survived Tagaytay for 2 days without bringing a car! I still prefer kung may kotse sana, more convenient, eh since wala namang kotse and we wanted to spend a little money as much as possible, we have no other way but to commute. Ok naman mag rent ng van (Manila to Tagaytay) kaso they usually charge 2000P for 10 hours, since we’re staying there for 2 days, this is clearly not an option for us.

If touring Tagaytay with smaller group (2-5), my suggestion is to commute via San Agustin bus (bound to Nasugbu) then just rent a car/van there to tour your around. Cheaper that way. Surprisingly, commuting to Tagaytay is easy, there are plenty of public transpo available (tricycles, buses and jeepneys) to get you to different places, it is, however, impossible to find a taxi there.

Touring Tagaytay in a tight budget? Here’s a complete 2-day Itinerary to Tagaytay by commute, with budget assumption, some directions and side notes. Hope it helps!

2-Day Tagaytay Itinerary (commute)

2-Day Tagaytay Itinerary (commute)

Tagaytay is actually an expensive city, but who says you can’t enjoy Tagaytay with spending less money? With a little less than 2k for a 2day tour (fare, food, accommodation and pasalubong included), this is quite cheap!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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38 Responses to 1 Night and 2 days in Tagaytay (Itinerary)

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  4. Faith says:

    hi! thank you for this blog entry…me and my high school friends will be in
    Tagaytay next Saturday…sana okay pa yung mga contacts so we can enjoy as much as you did… :)

  5. cj says:

    bakit po wala sa itinerary yung place where you stayed for the night? sana may masuggest kayo near the area lang.

  6. art says:

    thank you for sharing this… i will explore this option too… mas tipid mas ok.

  7. rod says:

    hi. tanong ko lang po kung anong activity niyo sa taal splendido? and saan din po ba ito exactly located? salamat po..

    • malensky says:

      hi rod, we attended a wedding there. golf and country club sya… i think exclusive sya but you can get inside just tell them you want to inquire about wedding packages

  8. carla says:

    Sis, my contact number kaba ng owner? mobile sana.. thanks in advance. :)

  9. ianne says:

    hey,thanks dito,.we tried to stay here for 1nyt. & 1 thumbs up!

    suggest ko lng cguro is lagyan ng lock ung window sa taas.. :D
    mas komportable cguro mga guest kung mas mafefeel nilang secure/safe cla bfore they go 2sleep.

    1200sa veranda,800 n ata ung sa baba.. so tapat lang para sa 1 peaceful nyt exp..!:)

  10. April says:

    I’m really thankful I’ve read your blog! We’re a group of 5 who will be visiting Tagaytay next month. Hopefully Jesca’s rooms will be available. For a while I have been really having problems with our 1 night stay there since I will pay for the entire accommodation. Buti may nakitang mura. Weee! Thanks a lot! :)

    • malensky says:

      glad this helped you. some hotels can get expensive in tagaytay…madaming transient houses but JESCA pa lang ang na-try ko..compared dun sa ibang transient houses, mas ok sa JESCA pati yun mga katabing transient houses bec they’re overlooking taal lake.

      have fun in tagaytay!

  11. Deena says:

    Hi! Ganyan parin kaya ang prices nila ngayon? October kasi namin balak pumunta. And, as you said sa itinerary mo na you would not suggest to commute? why? mahirap ba? sorry kabado kasi ako, first time ko sana pupunta kasaba bf ko. Mangangapa kasi kami eh. Sobrang salamat sa blog mo. Nagka-idea ako and plans. Di rin naman kasi ganun kalaki budget namin eh. P’wede mo ba ko i-pm sa email ko? dheena_eclevia@yahoo.com kung okay lang. please? hehehe. para sa mga ilang questions ko pa. thanks. thanks sobra! :)

    • malensky says:

      Hi Deena, don’t worry, commuting to Tagaytay is easy! There are plenty of public transpo available (tricycles, buses and jeepneys) to get you to different places. Walang taxi but it’s ok.

      I will email you in a while. Thanks!

  12. Aiee Tarrochie says:

    magkano po yung Room pag good for 2 persons only?? pupunta po kami sa August sana meron pang vacant para dun kami. may reservation din po ba para sure na sa Jesca kami magoovernight. pag galing din po ba sa jesca pano po pumunta sa Picnic grove?? thankyou po :D

    • Aiee Tarrochie says:

      I mean September :D

    • malensky says:

      hello, not sure sa latest rates nila eh.

      at that time, we were able to get 500 per room (good for 2) so prang 250 per head lang, not sure now if it’s still the same but based on other comments here, nagmahal na yata, 700 na daw. Kindly contact Rose @ 0908-9204938 for more info abt reservation and rates. Sorry ha, I’m not affiliated with Jesca at all.

      Jesca Lakeview to Picnic Grove – sakay kayo ng jeep going to Olivarez along Aguinaldo Hi-way (malapit lang yun, pwede din tricycle if may makita kayo), andun yun terminal ng mga jeeps going to picnic grove. Enjoy!

  13. Deena says:

    hello malenski! 700 na yung room sa baba? ano at paano ba ang count nun? 24hours ba? we’re planning to visit tagaytay kasi by October. Para sem.break. Did you email me? i haven’t received any yata. im not sure. do they have their own cr in every rooms sa baba? ilang rooms ba ang meron sa baba?

  14. cris says:

    gud day po..ask q lng po pwd po ba mgpareserve f ever m2loy po km sa november..mga 8 po cguro km.kuha sna km 4rums mgkanu po overnyt.?and panu po ung payment.?

  15. MJ says:

    hai… 700 na yung room sa baba?

  16. Rosie says:

    Wow! This blog’s perfect for my plan next weekend. Thanks! :) I hope the contact is still the same. :)

  17. norliza says:

    ano po yung latest rate ngayon sa jesca lakeview bed and break fast good for 2, 3days nd 2 nights. meron po bng landline ?

  18. Danica says:

    Nice post. Very useful on my planned Tagaytay getaway this weekend.

  19. Phoebe says:

    Hi, how much did it cost for the car rental? and do you have their contact number? Thanks!

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