Friends Reunited After 20 Years

Omigaaaaaaaaaaahhhd! Facebook is really awesome. I was reunited with one of my childhood best pals – Dodong! I remember blogging about you HERE. Really happy to see you, friend.

Look at you, you’ve grown so tall! Hindi ka nagbago ng haircut, teh? LOL. Last time na nagkita tayo, ganyan na yan eh hehehe. You just didn’t age a bit, ok, so a little wrinkles here and there (hello 30anyos na kaya tayo lol), but you still look the same!

I knew it!

It’s not a surprise that you’d grow up to be a singer…eh noon palang magaling ka na talaga. Super proud naman ako while watching you sing “Kung Mahal Mo Sya” by Jayr. Ang galing!!! That song is on repeat on my playlist. Ang bongga ng rendition mo, feel na feel ko ang pagiging martir!!!

Your talent and humor has quadrupled! Let’s meet again soon..kain tayo ng lugaw and pandesal kina Mang Boning! HAHAHA


Delivered by Madam Auring

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