Rizal Was Serial Suitor of Women Around The World

He had crushes, flings, serious romances, a broken engagement, and at least one live-in partner. He must have broken many hearts, and we know he had his share of heartbreaks too, on several occasions.

Exactly how many ladies caused him to swoon? We may never know, but his letters and diaries, as well as the reminisces of his friends, are alive with references to women he pursued and eyed. Get to know the different women in our national hero’s life in this infographic.

Rizal Was Serial Suitor of Women Around The World

credits: GMANEWSTV

Really, he was a charming lover! So who do you ship Jose Rizal with? I like Leonor because I really adore Maria Clara, she is the epitome of grace and charm and was promoted by Rizal as the “ideal image of a Filipina who deserves to be placed on the “pedestal of male honor”. I wish he had marry, lived longer and had children. His superb genes shouldn’t have been wasted. Sayang! :)


Delivered by Madam Auring

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