SEO Friendly, Minimalist and 2-Column WordPress Theme

Bagong theme! Yes, this is going to be my new theme for now – SEO friendly, minimalist and 2-column. Boring, no? EXACTLY! Because that’s how my I am living my life right now LOLsss and I plan to live that way for the next few months LOLssss

I used to have a very bonggang blog  na maraming baderitas left and right, parang fiesta everyday. 

Now, I wanna go back to my roots which is…keeping things simple. Charot. Signs of aging lang yata ‘to teh. Habang tumatanda, nag-babago ang preferences sa buhay, nawawalan ng sense of humor, nagiging mas matalino at lalong nagmumukhang pera pero meron ding tumatanda na hitsura lang ang nagmamature *parang ako* hahaha.

Eto talaga ang totoong reason why I switched to a new template:

I want to drive more traffic to this site.

Yeahhh! Traffic that’s convertible to cash!! So if we’re friends, pls. do visit this site again tomorrow and the day next after and so on and so forth. My site is open 24/7, no entrance fee so please come in and please sit down anytime LOL



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