My Dream of a Home Theater is Coming True

I’d love to have a home theater (huge TV with a lazy boy chair etc.) so I can have a blissful DVD marathon¬† at home.

Good news! Prices of flat-screen TVs has dropped about 40 percent from last year. I was surprised to see how they’ve become very affordable for everyone. The cheapest I found was only 18000P (less 2000 if paid in cash) and that’s already for a 32in TV! I am definitely going to buy one soon. You can also buy cheaper tv bracket at CDR King (around 500P) so you can mount it on walls (if you buy the same thing from malls, the cheapest is 1500). I am excited!! Only problem is that I can never ever afford a lazy boy chair hahaha (they’re priced at 40K at this time). Well, I’ll just content myself with a sofa bed instead LOL!


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