Royal Wedding 2011

Was glued all afternoon on BBC to watch the live coverage of Prince Will and Kate’s wedding. For the most part, it was boring, but there were few lovely moments that I want to replay like:

– Prince Harry’s very conniving look as Kate walked down the aisle. He’s just adorable! Sabi nga ni Emily my friend, Prince Harry is the only human alive in that event. Sooo true! Everyone was just too stiff, eh kasi royalty nga di ba.

– Prince Harry’s broad shoulders, dangit, he look soooo hot in those uniform! I spazz like crazy whenever I see him smiling.

– Those little talks between William and Harry.

– While Kate was saying her vows…Prince William was smiling sheepishly! Kinikilig yata, but I find it so cute. That’s something Prince Charles didn’t have when he married Lady Diana.

– Lastly, yun 2 first kisses by the balcony.

Too bad Lady Diana isn’t here to witness her son marry.

Kudos to the one who directed the whole coverage, it was well planned and executed. Ang daming camera in diff angles.

If you’re wondering why almost every woman wore hats/headdress it’s because of tradition – the royal family has kept it alive all these years.  I like it! Ang elegant tingnan.   Among all others, this one was a standout for me:

Princess Beatrice of York

LMAO! What the heck is that outrageous head piece she’s wearing? Ribbon slash horn inspired. Kaloka! Kabog ang mga horns ni Lady Gaga LOL

photo credits: google/vanityfair/hollywoodlife


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  1. Hahaha! I was laughing my A$$ off when I saw that head piece. Then I realized she’s a princess. I guess they can get away with anything.

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