Here’s my new addiction – I religiously check all these awesome group buying sites everyday, yes, EVERYDAY as in EVERY 3 FREAKIN HRS A DAY!!! This afternoon , I was surprised to see this ad from Ensogo:

Seriously? Pls. tell me you’re kidding! Who would buy these stuff? I know I wont HAHAHA. Uy, masyado kayo, let’s give him a chance! Pero honestly, I will never ever buy this kahit 99% OFF pa for these reasons:

First, I am not a fan of perfumes

Second, it’s HAYDEN. Hello? Ang labeling. They didn’t think Filipinos can easily forget, did they?  I don’t even have to elaborate further but the whole Pinas knows that this guy is a 2-timing perv! Sana medyo iniba man lang ang brand name, like “HIDDEN”, ganun din naman kase ang pronunciation namin sa HAYDEN haha. But I guess the intention is not really to earn money but to fix his name/reputation, unfortunately, it’s not going to be very easy.

Third, I don’t like Vicki.

Vouchers sold: 30

Di nga?!! Baka those 30 who bought them are all named Vicki. LMAO! Kung sabagay, Vicki is rich and in love, and yes, a little stupid at that. How come she still accepted someone who has brazenly been unfaithful to her and is obviously just using her? Kalokaaa ‘tong si ate.

Ok back  to the perfume.

Mabango daw ang mga perfumes nya. Hello? Syempre. May pabango bang mabaho? LOL But the mere thought of dabbing this perfume on my neck…eeiiwww!!  Yes, I am maarti, judgemental and bias like that!

Seriously, I just find it unfair that he can get away unscathed with what he did only to become an entrepreneur with the help of a wealthy investor. Hay, there’s no hope for humanity! Whatever!


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