I’m Past the “Calendar” Stage


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Oh Diyos Ko!!!! I cannot believe it. I’m finally past the “calendar” stage LOL *oks lang… may lotto pa naman* I also cannot believe that I have just revealed my age to you! The heck!  I am 32 na?! Di nga? Oh noooo wrinkles! TBH, I still feel like I am 27.

God, thank you for another year added to my life! Thank you for the gift of wonderful family and friends. I feel soo blessed! Teach me your ways so I can become better. Amen.


May konting salu-salo sa bahay mamya. Konti lang talaga –

1Kilo Tuna Spaghetti

38pcs Lumpiang Shanghai

30pcs Chicken Lollipop

16thigh / 6 wings – Chicken ala King

1 bowl of Fruit Salad

Sana mag-kasya sa lahat ng inimbitahan ko – nasa 50 yata sila hahaha. Anyway, may carenderia naman sa kanto ng 13th Ave.


Soo many plans for this year…pero mukhang hinde matutuloy due to some unavoidable circumstances. Bahala na…andyan naman si Batman LOL

Peoples, thank you!! Let’s all have fun today, tomorrow, forever and ever!


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