Online Data Backup

I regularly perform back up on my wordpress blog so in case it crashes, I have a back- up copy of my blog posts and pictures that I can re-upload when necessary. I also do regular back up in my laptop. There are several ways on how to you can do that depending upon the amount of data you want to back up. I use CDs for movies, USB flash disk for work related stuff/reports and external hard drive for family videos, mp3s and pictures. There’s also online data backup (aka as remote storage or cloud services) which is by far the fastest and easiest way to restore data, and it’s also the most reliable.

Amazon recently lauched cloud services which provide online storage space for digital music. It’s 5G of free online storage for their customers and if you buy an album from Amazon’s MP3 store, your storage is quadrupled to 20 GB at no extra cost. It’s convenient because you can listen to your favorite MP3s practically everywhere as long as there’s internet. 


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